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M&G Soft Brush Water Colour Pen 12/18/24/36/48 colours

1.High quality Nylon Brush.Non-Toxic & Acid-Free
2.Water-based ink, Meets EU safety requirements
3.Smear- and fade-resistant, so smudges are officially history


M&G Hex shape Watercolour Pen 12/24 colours

1.HEX shape Barrel Body & Premium water-based ink

2.Quick-drying ink resists smudging and fading

3.Perfect for a variety of uses, journaling, note-taking, planning and even everyday notetaking

SKU No: AWP34365~AWP34369

M&G Hexagon Colour Pencil Paper Box Package 12/24/36/48 colours

1.PRESHARPENED & DURABLE: Soft cores won’t break easily, and presharpened tips are ready for use right out of the box
2.Prepare the classroom for creative art projects and homework assignments
3.Popular on back to school lists, and the reusable storage box makes it easy to store in backpacks, lockers or desks.

SKU No: AWP34361/62/63/27/28

M&G Hexagon Color Pencil Oil-based  12/18/24/36/48 colours

2.PRESHARPENED & DURABLE: Soft cores won’t break easily,and presharpened tips are ready for use right out of the box
3.For writing, drawing and sketching,The colours are vivid and smooth, soft lead easier to apply colour and blend

   AGMX4224- M&G 11mm*100mm Round Crayon 12 colours
AGMX4225- M&G 8mm*90mm Round Crayon 12 colours
   AGMX4226- M&G 8mm*90mm Triangle Crayon 12 colours

1.Bright colors are permanent and waterproof
2.Quality material produces,brilliant, even colors
3.Tidy paper box storage and convenient on-the-go coloring

SKU No: AGM900B8~AGM900B9~AGM900B0~AGM900C1

M&G “SO MANY CATS” Silky Smooth Oil Pastel Hegagon 12/18/24/36 colours

1.Brilliant colors apply smoothly and blend easily for shading and color mixing
2.More vibrant than chalk pastels, oil pastels make your artwork come to life
3.Acid-free pastels are resistant to the effects of humidity for longer lasting drawings
4.Cute So many cats design with Hex Shape

SKU No: AGM900J8~J~J0~K1

M&G Super Silky Smooth Oil Pastel Hegagon 12/18/24/36 colours

1.Super Smooth Silky material
2.Extra Brilliant and vibrant Colors,High-quality pigments
3.Soft touch, easy blending, and shading
4.Perfect Packaging with Portable PP box

SKU No: AGMY3322~33~34~35

M&G Super Washable Oil Pastel Hegagon 12/24/36/48 colours

1.Super Washable Material
2.High-quality products and excellent prices
3.Creates beautiful effects on paper, cardboard, canvas, and wood
4.Durable PP box,strong and practical

SKU No: APL976D8~D9~D0~E1

M&G Acrylic Marker 2.0mm writing width

1.Vivid and smooth color ink with quick drying & washable
2.Multi-use on various surfaces -3.Canvas/Paper/Glass/Ceramics/Wood/Fabric
4.Suitable for painting, graffiti and advertisement
5.Transparent PVC package for easy carrying and storage
6. 4 kinds of different package for easier distribution

SKU No: APL976L3~L4~L5 M&G mini water color blocks 23mm dia(12+2C)/(24+2C)/(36+2C)
SKU No: APL976L3~L4~L5 M&G Water color blocks 30mm dia(12+2C)/(24+2C)/(36+2C)

1.Unique powder, special groove design, easy to gather water for color
2.With high quality imported nylon brush and sponge Professional formula, dizzy dyeing effect is soft, good transparency
3.Products in line with EU standards, CE certification, safe and assured
4.Independent hook, convenient sale display
5.Round-edge design, in line with children’s aesthetic, easy to use

SKU No: ACPN0337~38~44~45

M&G Sketch Fineliner 0.05/0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8mm/Brush

1.Multi drawing pens 9 unique nibs sizes to choose from.
2.WATERPROOF PIGMENT INK – Black ink, non-refillable, non-toxic, odorless, archival quality, waterproof
3. Conform to ASTM D4236
4.Compatible with pencil, watercolor paint, alcohol marker and highlighter, etc. Perfect for artists, designers, writers, architects, illustrators & calligraphers. Great for bullet journaling, bible underlining, manga, sketch, anime.