mg-universal-product-Erasable gel pen

SKU No: AKPB1472

M&G Erasable Gel Pen

Crystal Blue 0.5mm With Eraser Needle Point

SKU No: AKPB4472

M&G Erasable Gel Pen Cute Animals Patterns
Comfortable rubber coated barrel


M&G Hello Zoo Stick Erasable gel Pen
0.5mm Black ink

SKU No: AKPC5272

M&G iErase S Arctic Adventure
Erasable Gel pen 0.5mm Crystal blue

1.With the help of the thermo-sensitive ink, the pens can be written like gel pens
2.Cute and fancy pencil cap and Bear cap designs
3.Extremely welcome by kids and children
4.Write Smoothly and Erase Clean
5.The Erasable gel pens can be used for many purposes: note-taking, homework, editing, or tackling work in the office, for coloring, scrapbooking, kid doodling, sketching, drawing, writing, and draft in a fun and skilled way. However, it is not recommended for using on legal or official doc

SKU No: AKPB7574

M&G Erasable Gel Pen
Easy Start Ergonomic Grip Rubber coating body Crystal Blue 0.5mm


M&G iErase Egro 0.7mm
School Girls/Boys
Erasable Gel pen Crystal blue

1.M&G Ergonomical grip design erasable gel pen
2.Erasable without Traces
3.Our erasable pen set is suitable for crossword puzzles, and making plans. It is an ideal gift for family, friends, and colleagues.
4.Not recommended for use on examination paper or official documents.


SKU No: AKPU8371

M&G 0.7mm Ergo-Grip Erasable gel pen Bullet Tip

1.M&G Ergonomical grip design erasable gel pen

2.Best for the beginners,from the transition of wood pencil to a gel pen

3.Rotatry to click out the refill,special and innovative design

SKU No: AKPJ5971

M&G Animals know 0.5mm Erasable Gel Pen
3 colours in 1
Ink color:Black+Blue+Red

1.M&G 3 IN 1 Erasable gel pen
2.Strong functional and convenient to use
3.Elegant pen mould,suitable both for kids and adults

SKU No: AKP61173 / AKP61179

M&G Erasable Gel Pen Black 0.7mm/0.5mm

1.Erasable gel pens allow you to write, erase, and rewrite with no wear-and-tear
2.Superior thermo-sensitive ink makes the pens writing
3.Smoothly and using durable
4.Smooth Writing and Rewriting
5.Satisfaction Guarantee
6.Available for 0.5/0.7mm

SKU No: AKPH3271 / AKPH32R9

M&G Retractable Erasable Gel Pen Black 0.7mm/0.5mm

1.Gel Pens are erasable with the eraser at the top and retractable by pressing the side clicker clip down
2. Simple but classic designs
3.Top Quality of erasable ink
4. Nontoxic ink, acid-free and non-bleeding erasable pens
5.Available for 0.5/0.7mm