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SKU No: AGP02372

M&G Retractable Gel Pen 0.5mm 3 colours

1.M&G Top Selling Office Series Retractable Gel Pen
Quality pen for a low price.
2.Push button retraction system with pocket clip
3.M&G highest selling volume gel ink pen
4.It is refillable with the G-5i (0.5mm).

SKU No: AGP12371

M&G Retractable Gel Pen 0.7mm 8 colours

1.M&G world best selling 0.7mm retractable gel pen, the R5 Series.
2.Its comfortable ergonomic rubber grip makes it ideal for different age groups to use.
3.Its super smooth gel ink is the pride of M&G.
4.The R5 Series comes with 8 colors; blue , black red and 5 colorful ink.
5.It is refillable with the G-7i (0.7mm).

SKU No: AGP11171

M&G Stick Gel Pen 0.7mm 3 colours

1.M&G Classic Stick Gel Pen mould
2.Smooth gel ink pens perfect for note-taking and other everyday writing tasks
3.Convenient cap clip allows easy carrying in your pocket or bag throughout the day

SKU No: AGP13271

M&G Economic Stick Gel Pen 0.5mm

1.The office series is great for a low cost fine line gel ink pen.
2.Prevent finger slip and produces a crisp, clear writing line.
3.The cap is vented for safety and also has a molded pocket clip
4.Used high quality ink to ensure consistently high performance standards

SKU No: AGPJ5471

M&G Retractable Gel Pen 0.5mm 3 colours

1.M&G innovative super tiny tip
2.Fast Drying ink for convenient to use
3.Premium Metal clip,stylish design

SKU No: AGP13671/ AGP13672

M&G Stick Expert Gel Pen 0.7mm / 1.0mm

1.High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience
2.Classic and stylish design
3.Maximum comfort and control with the soft grip
4.Available with 0.7mm and 1.0mm

SKU No: AGP30173

M&G Economical Stick Gel Pen 0.5mm 3 colours

1.Smooth gel ink pens perfect for note-taking and everyday writing tasks
2.Super High cost performence
3.Smooth, rubber grip offers supreme comfort for effortless writing

SKU No: AGPK3576

M&G Retractable Gel Pen 0.5mm 3 colours

1.The 1st Retractable gel pen mould in China
2.Comfort Grip Prevents Hand Fatigue
3.Smooth Writing Pens For School Or Office