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M&G Ustic Glue Stick strong adhesive PVA 9g/15g/21g/36g

1.Safe, acid-free and non-toxic formula
2.Washable and Solvent Free
3.Dries clear and applies smoothly for a mess-free appearance
4.Forms a strong bond with just one stroke

SKU No: ASG97178~79~80~81

M&G Super Strong Glue Stick PVP 8g/15g/25g/35g

1.Classic white glue applies smoothly and doesn’t clump
2.High viscosity formula,Wide Compatible;
3.Long-lasting & Durable
4.Perfect glue sticks for kids, larger crafts and school projects

SKU No: AWG97036 M&G Liquid Glue 50ml

SKU No: AWG97035 M&G Liquid Glue with rubber head 125ml

1.Liquid glue offers a strong permanent bond that dries clear.
2.Will not leak or clog.
3.Odor-less, acid-free and washable

SKU No: AJD957U2~U3~U4~AQ

M&G double sided Nano Transparent Mounting Tape

12mmx3m (1 roll)
24mmx3m(1 roll)
36mmx3m(1 roll)
24mmx5m(1 roll)

1.Reusable Removable Washable Double Sided Sticky
2.Easy to remove, leave no traces on the wall or any surface.

3.The Nano Grip Tape will stick to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface and stay there!It can work in perfectly in a temperature range from -16C (0F) or above 62C (150F).
4.You can cut to any size and any length you want! It is perfectly choice for all your Gel pad needs.