1.M&G Top 6 selling staplers -MUST HAVE!
2.Metal Material-Crafted with a modern look and feel
hand comfort is our priority,Fits comfortably in one hand
3.Great For Schools, Offices, And Home For Everyday Stapling
4.JAM-FREE Stapler for Desktop
5.The whole stapling process is smooth, lightning fast and relatively quiet

SKU No : ABS92786    M&G Classic #10 Stapler MGS-09

SKU No: ABSN2669 M&G Classic #10 Stapler MGS-05

                                                        SKU No: ABS92792  M&G Classic 24/6 Stapler MGS-12

                                                         SKU No: ABS92791  M&G Classic 24/6 Stapler 

                                                                                    with staples remover

 SKU No: ABS92793  M&G Classic 24/6 Stapler MGS-13

Comfortable rubber grip

                                                        SKU No: ABS92698 M&G Classic Metal Body 24/6                        

                                                                    Stapler MGS-17   NO.1 selling in China

SKU No: ABS92664

M&G Colorful 24/6 Stapler
Durable dual-color injection
PVC box package

1.Durable dual-color injection
2.4 colours assorted
3.Sturdy Material and long time use

SKU No: ABSN2677

M&G Multi-function 24/6 Stapler MGS-08
Additonal staples storage space
Visable stapling window

1.Additonal staples storage space
2.Visable stapling window
3.M&G Innovative stapler design in China


M&G Economic Heavy duty Metal Body stapler 200 sheets MGS-304

1.Jam Resistant and Skid Free
2.Reloading is made a lot easier with the spring-powered quick-load button. With a touch of the button just using your finger, the loading chamber will pop out gently