SKU No: AXPQ4271  M&G Sliding Eraser Pen /White color
SKU No: AXPQ4273 M&G Sliding Eraser Pen /Pastel color

1.Made from high quality, non-toxic materials to ensure their durability and longevity
2.Resist tearing and breaking Strong TPE material
3.Each eraser is individually wrapped in a push-pull plastic case
4.Dustless and excellent eraser cleaning


AXPN0759 M&G Soft White Eraser 65*24*11mm
AXPN0761 M&G Soft White Eraser 52*23**11mm
AXPN0760 M&G Soft White Eraser 42*18*11mm

1.4B Soft Eraser is suitable for daily usage which is non-abrasive. Leaves a clear & clean surface.
2.Use lead eraser on paper and film to not tear the paper or deform the paper.
3.During use, it does not leave many crumbs to help keep notebooks clean
4.Highly durable/keeping good quality over time.


M&G Eraser Dustless Small 963JA

1.Dust roll together. Erase cleanly, leaving minimal trace
2.Extra soft for effective and clean erasing of graphite and blacklead pencils
3.Premium quality. Suitable for art, office and school. Back to school supplies