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SKU No: APM21372

M&G Dual-Tip Permanent Marker 

1.M&G’s Dual Tip Permanent Marker having felt tip.
2.Dual tip with first tip of 2.8 mm usable for thick writings, and second tip of 0.8 mm usable for CD/DVD Labellings, Kids name on copies/registers, etc.
3.Bullet tip with waterproof and fade resistant quality which is dry fast. 

Available in 4 colours


SKU No: APMY2272

M&G Round tip Permanent Marker

1.Economical Permanent marker
2.Super high cost performence
3.Waterproof, smear-proof and fade-resistant; Permanent on most hard-to-mark surface; Durable and long lasting tips

                                   SKU No: AWMY2271 / AWMY2280

1.Whiteboard bullet shape fiber-tip marker.             2.Dry-wiped from whiteboards without leaving a trace.

3.Available in 4 colors: blue, black,red and green    4.Low odor, intense color.